Mercedes-Benz has created the first premium pickup truck

             Mercedes-Benz has created the first premium pickup truck

On October 25 this year, at a special closed presentation, Mercedes-Benz will officially present its first luxury pickup truck, which also promises to beat its main competitors - luxury and comfortable pickups from Nissan. According to unofficial data, the new product from Mercedes-Benz will be called "GLT".

The general public will be able to see the aforementioned pickup as early as November during a car show in Brazilian Sao Paulo. It is interesting that, although the German concern is also competing with the Japanese Nissan, the pickup of the platform for the GLT was the pickup of the above mentioned company - Nissan Navara. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz pickup is equipped with a frame structure, a seven-speed automatic transmission and powerful four-cylinder turbo diesel engines.

It is important to add that for additional money, future owners of the German pickup truck will be able to buy it a slightly different version, the engine which instead of 160 and 190 horsepower will have a power of 255 hp. and will be fitted with six cylinders at once. The developers of the novelty say that if the pickup truck gets enough popularity among users, the car will be converted to an even more powerful and exclusively petrol version.

Mass production of the new Mercedes-Benz GLT will start in January 2017 at Spanish and Argentine plants.

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