In Dnipro with the victory of the Ukrainian athlete ended the World Championship in water sports.

             In Dnipro with the victory of the Ukrainian athlete ended the World Championship in water sports.

One of the most prestigious skiing starts of the season is over. From July 13 to July 16, the World Championship in water skiing for juniors (up to 21 years) took place in Dnipro on the basis of the Dnipro ski club Sentoza.

The World Junior Boat Championships (up to 21 years old) brought together 89 athletes from 22 countries around the world: from Australia to Peru. The team of Ukraine included 4 athletes from the Dnieper: the team leader Danilo Filchenko, as well as Apex Samoilov, Sophia Maksimenkova and Stanislav Prosvetova. Which, despite their young age, they tried in the company of almost adult athletes.

During the championship, water-skiing athletes will demonstrate in three disciplines - slalom, figure skating and ski jumping, which are the most spectacular kind of competitions. Ukrainian skier Danilo Filchenko won the World Figure Skating Championship. In the finals, he showed a brilliant result of 10050 points, becoming the only athlete to overcome the "grandmaster" mark of 10000 points in deciding events. The silver medal was won by the Canadian Dorian Lowellin, the bronze - the Italian Gianmarco Pine.

Another Ukrainian Alexander Samoilov showed the 11th result in the finals. Anna Gay from USA won the figure skating. Our Stanislav Prosvetova here in seventh place. In the slalom among boys another representative of Garcia Taylor won. The girls won the gold medal Nicholson is also a US national team. In the springboard jump, Danilo Filchenko showed a good result, jumping 57.7 meters. And Jack Kritchley from the UK won. His result in the final was 67m 40 cm.

The girls have the longest jump in Canadian Allard Dominic Grandin - 47m20 cm. A good result is also in the Dnieper of Sofia Maksimenkova - 44 m 10 cm and the fifth place. He is now a two-time world champion. Arrival of water-skiing and world record-holder of figure skating, legend of world-water-skiing Belarussian Alexei Zherasek, who helps to prepare athletes of the national team of Peru.
The World Cup is over, but the Dnipro athletes never rest. Ahead of the new starts. The closest one is the European Championship.
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