Foreign guests and representatives of the Jewish Community of Dnipro visited the Dormitory for Children with Disabilities.

             Foreign guests and representatives of the Jewish Community of Dnipro visited the Dormitory for Children with Disabilities.

On the initiative of the Chief Rabbi of the Dnieper Shmuel Kaminetsky, representatives of the Jewish community of the Dnieper, led by Sarah Kaminetska, visited the young pupils of the Dniprovsky Boarding House for children with disabilities. Foreign guests were also part of the kind and good mood delegation. Young representatives of the World Jewish Community. They were born and live in the United States, study in Europe, but came to the Dnieper for the Hanukkah holiday.
According to the guests of the Boarding House - "The light and joy of Hanukkah are a blessing to all, and the Lyubavichy movement seeks to spread the news about Hanukkah as widely as possible." Therefore, young Rebbe ambassadors from different yeshivas brought a holiday to the Dnieper Orphanage for children with serious illnesses. ”

"There are children with the first group of disabilities in this municipal institution, mainly musculoskeletal and neurological diseases, which need constant outside care and special care," said Svetlana Serbina, Vice-President of the International Charitable Foundation Alexander Petrovsky, Solidarity Foundation. and President Oleksandr Petrovsky personally, as well as the Vice-President of the Yana Ivanilov Foundation, we are constantly helping the boarding school, being in friendly relations with the Jewish community of the Dnieper, and and were very happy initiative of Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki Dnieper to young rabbis from different countries visited the children and shared them happy Hanukkah holiday. "

Under the guidance of Reuven Kaminetsky, the Rebbe envoys who came to the Dnieper to help spread the light of Hanukkah, tried and tried to convey the main message of Hanukkah by dancing and singing, and Sarah Kaminetska told the story and basic customs of the holiday.
Of course, the young ambassadors of the world came to visit not empty handed - they handed the boys gifts from the Jewish community of the Dnieper - juice, sweets and of course, delicious Chanukah donuts.
The children really enjoyed the performance, and this visit and communication brought a little light and warmth to their lives.

In general, the meeting was held in a friendly casual atmosphere. Not only did the children have the opportunity to have a good time, to get acquainted with the traditions of the Jewish people, but also then to have dinner at lunch, which brought the guests of the orphanage.
In goodbye, the future rabbis were photographed in memory of the children of the Dniprovsky Boarding House.

Press Center of the International Solidarity Fund of Alexander Petrovsky on the materials of the Jewish Community of the Dnieper.

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