Congratulations on International Volunteer Day!

             Congratulations on International Volunteer Day!

International Volunteer Day is celebrated annually on December 5, and it is a celebration of everyone who has helped people at least once at the call of the heart without expecting gratitude, awards and recognition.
Ukrainian volunteers today are those who, through their voluntary, dedicated work, make the country stronger every day.
In recent years, since the days of the Maidan and the Revolution of Dignity, for our country a powerful volunteer movement has become a model of civic position and self-organization of society.
We also know the true value of volunteers, especially our servicemen, who are protecting the country in the East from external Russian-terrorist aggression. Thanks to the volunteer movement, which is a unique army of support and assistance, thousands of lives were saved and the Armed Forces, which tried to demoralize and disintegrate during the criminal regime, became the pride of our country.
The whole country is proud of our volunteers, these dedicated people with an open heart and goodwill who have dedicated their lives to service and the idea of humanity.
We are grateful for the unwavering faith in our country, in our victory, in our citizens! I wish all the volunteers good health, well-being, harmony and peace in our country!

Oleksandr Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity"

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