Congratulations on the birthday of Vemir Davitian!

             Congratulations on the birthday of Vemir Davitian!

Today, his birthday is celebrated by a talented leader, a trusted friend and partner, Vice-President of the International Solidarity Fund Alexander Petrovsky, David Davir Vemir Surenovich. Birthday is not just a holiday, it is an occasion to reflect on the life path you have traveled and outline the next plans for the future, new peaks that have yet to be conquered. On this day, we wholeheartedly wish you health, cheerfulness, family warmth and comfort, active fruitful work, new creative ideas, profitable investments, ample opportunities and promising projects, reliable partners and honest colleagues, fruitful work and complete rest, the embodiment of all ideas, the spiritual harmony and optimism that is needed in your responsible post.

Good luck and success in all endeavors. Happiness, goodness and well-being to you and your loved ones!

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