In two years, Ukraine will abandon anthracite coal

             In two years, Ukraine will abandon anthracite coal

This year Ukraine will consume 7 million tons of anthracite coal, which is 3.6 million tons less than the amount consumed last year. And in two years, we will create the conditions that will allow complete abandonment of anthracite. The measures taken will allow to replace in the future its use by coal of gas group.
This information was provided by the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine I. Nasalik at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
He described the new concept that the use of anthracite in the fuel complex and TPP would be offset. Instead, the state's own needs will be fully met by increasing its gas production. The minister said that the purpose is to increase coal production while simultaneously transforming mines into full self-sufficiency, as well as solving environmental and social problems. Today, all mines, without exception, are unprofitable.
On May 24 this year, the CMU approved the Coal Mining Development Strategy, submitted by the relevant ministry and already tested at individual enterprises. The strategy is based on the measures developed and tested during its preparation, the implementation of which will increase the production of coal at state mines. At the same time it is planned to carry out their transition to non-subsidized work.

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