There were serious errors in the Sheremet case

             There were serious errors in the Sheremet case

The statement was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

According to him, the person directly involved in the investigation of this high-profile case made a mistake, and even a blur. Like, there was a technical blemish made due to the omission. However, she did not change the course of the case, the minister assures.

However, it did not do without consequences and added a whole lot more work. Avakov stressed that from now on we will have to recheck every fact in previously found information.

It should be added that in June last year, a famous Ukrainian journalist and presenter Pavel Sheremet was killed in the heart of the capital. He was blown up on a civilian's car. Sheremet died a few minutes after the explosion.

Subsequently, the journalists conducted their own investigation. According to them, the security service of Ukraine was watching the dead on the night before the murder. Later, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko noted that the investigation had made a significant mistake. They say that investigators have left out one overlooked video that could help get out of Sheremet's killer.

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