ORDLO terrorists dream of integration into Russia

             ORDLO terrorists dream of integration into Russia

The leader of the so-called DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko, confessed that he considered Russia his homeland. They say that the ultimate essence of his committee is to return Donbass to the Russian Federation.

Earlier, information emerged that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying his best to increase influence and control over Donetsk territories. They say that his plans include the accession of Donbass to the Russian Federation.

But later the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the statement. According to him, the Russian authorities never claimed Donbass and did not see it as a part of Russia. He stressed that for a long time representatives of the Russian Federation at various levels have repeatedly stated that Moscow is not going to integrate the unrecognized territories of the ORDL.

He also noted that now the Russian authorities are directing all forces to implement the Minsk agreements.

We will remind, at the end of February of the current year in the Kremlin have declared that Putin has officially signed the decree by which Russia recognizes documents of so-called LNR / DPR. According to the Ukrainian guarantor Petro Poroshenko, Putin once again confirmed that Moscow was behind the war in Donetsk.

In addition, the aforementioned Putin decree has met with harsh criticism from almost the entire world. the US Embassy in Ukraine and the OSCE also spoke negatively about this. In their view, recognition of these documents goes against the Minsk agreements.

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