E-tickets are starting to work in Ukrainian transport

             E-tickets are starting to work in Ukrainian transport

As of May 7, electronic public transit tickets have officially come into force in Ukraine. This will make it easier to use public transport as well as speed up traffic and reduce delays at stops.

On May 7, the law on introduction of electronic tickets in public transport of Ukraine officially comes into force. Innovation in major cities of the country, including Kiev, Dnipro and Lviv, will begin.

According to the authors of the law on the introduction of electronic tickets, it will significantly simplify the use of public transport, especially for foreign tourists. It will be much easier and faster to pay for the fare thanks to such innovations, which will, among other things, reduce traffic delays at stops.

One of the additional benefits of an electronic fare system is the ability to apply various fares, including discount systems.

According to a law that allows local governments to use automated fare systems. Electronic tickets distributed in many European countries will allow you to pay for travel in all types of urban and suburban passenger transport.

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