Smartphones can cause myopia

             Smartphones can cause myopia

Excessive use of smartphones causes poor vision in young people and premature development of myopia. Such results have been published by German scientists, having carried out a number of researches.

Scientists from Germany have told about the harm, which, according to the results of the research, bring smartphones to human health. According to data published by researchers at the University of Mainz, more and more young students of today are suffering from myopia or myopia. The main cause of this problem, scientists call the widespread use of smartphones for young people, both for teaching and communication.

According to ophthalmologists, human eyes are not adapted for long-term viewing of images on the screen of a smartphone, and since modern youth is also scarce in the open space, so the eyes lack the daylight, which gives the organs of vision wrong load and creates an additional risk of deterioration of vision.

Ophthalmologists are already alarmed by the large number of adolescents and young people suffering from myopia. Experts warn that without proper organization of training and leisure for young people, the situation will only get worse.

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