Former State Duma deputy: Voronenkov sent fsbshniki to the world

             Former State Duma deputy: Voronenkov sent fsbshniki to the world

Former Russian government official Ilya Ponomarev, to whom before his death, was headed by Denis Voronenkov, it is certain - the Russian special services are behind the death of an ex-official. According to him, many things are already clear in the murder: the order, problems in the execution of the murder and the killer. The investigation remains to prove who exactly organized this death.

Head of the National Police Sergey Knyazev stressed that there are positive developments in the Voronenkov case. From other sources, it became known that a leak of information that led customers to the trail of an ex-MP, leads to his driver Vladislav Tikhonkin.

Like, before his meeting with Ponomarev, he planned to see his driver to discuss the transfer of his car from Moscow to Kiev. However, before that Tikhonkin was shot dead on the border by Russian special services and with the help of pressure they extracted all the necessary information.

Subsequently, it became known that the driver had left the territory of Ukraine before returning to Russia and returned to Russia. Only two people knew about this meeting - Voronenkov and Tikhonkin. Therefore, the investigation suggested that he had warned the FSB about the time and location of his superior.

We will remind, on March 23 in the heart of the capital the ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov was killed in broad daylight. His bodyguard was also injured but managed to kill the attacker. Subsequently, the investigation revealed that the murder of former National Guard Pavel Parshov was committed.

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