The stage of elimination of the consequences of the emergency in Balakliya has begun

             The stage of elimination of the consequences of the emergency in Balakliya has begun

As of the morning of March 24, the situation in the emergency area near the town of Balakliya, where a fire broke out at 65 Arsenal yesterday, tends to reduce the number of explosions.

Today, on March 24, an extended meeting of the firefighting coordination staff at the 65 Arsenal was held in Balakliya with the participation of Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Lieutenant General Igor Pavlovsky, the leadership of regional structures of law enforcement agencies, representatives of local authorities and other officials.

"Now the number of explosions has significantly decreased. Aerial and ground reconnaissance were conducted in the morning. According to their results, we can say that the localization stage is completed and we, the military, are beginning the stage of practical elimination of negative consequences, ”- said Lieutenant General Igor Pavlovsky.

About 1000 military servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are involved in localization of the situation, who perform tasks in close coordination with the specialists of the State Emergency Service and law enforcement officers.

Special equipment will be working on the technical territory, including 6 fire tanks and two engineering partitioning machines. On the adjacent to the military part of the territory, tasks are performed by 6 deployment groups, and yesterday, mobile teams of military doctors are on duty in the city.

Balakliya State Administration Chairman Stepan Maselsky informed that in the morning the residents started returning to the city.

“Together with representatives of pyrotechnic services and law enforcement officers, we will divide the district center into sectors to check the level of danger and the presence of explosive objects. It is very important that the settlements are provided with bread, medicines and essentials. It is very good that everything is going smoothly, without fuss and we have worked with the military, ”said Stepan Maselsky.

The decision of the leadership of the operational staff of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine involved in assessing the effects of the destruction of private sector homes specialists of the apartment and operational department of the city of Kharkiv, who are taking all necessary measures to locate an emergency that occurred on the territory of the arsenal.

Thus, the evacuation of servicemen and their families who lived in service apartments on the territory of the military unit was organized in a short time. Ukrainian soldiers also helped transport local residents from homes in the danger zone.

According to the Chief of the Main Directorate of Moral and Psychological Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Major-General Oleg Gruntkovsky, military personnel have established close cooperation with other law enforcement agencies and local authorities. Thanks to this, the effects of explosions on the territory of the arsenal were minimized.

In the morning of March 23, more than 100 servicemen of the Kharkiv Zonal Division of the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are patrolled in the district center and surrounding villages.

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