Construction of a new jetty has begun in the port of South

             Construction of a new jetty has begun in the port of South

For the first time in the last eight years the construction of a new jetty has started in the port of Southern.

The work of killing piles was started by M.V. Cargo on the construction of berth # 25 in the port South (Odessa). A future berth will ensure the operation of the Cargill grain terminal.

The length of the new pier will be 385 meters and the depth 16 meters. In order to ensure the specified depth, dredging works have already been carried out to create a ditch necessary for the hydraulic engineering of the berth in the amount of 620 thousand cubic meters of soil. Punching works are carried out with water. The Goliath-1 pontoon features a 160-tonne Liebherr 1160 crane equipped with a vibration feeder and a hydraulic hammer. The rod and piles are located on the second, Neptune-1 cargo pontoon. Westgarth's tugboat moves the craft in the work area.

The terminal is scheduled to open in spring 2018. Such obligations were assumed by the company MV Investors and Creditors. Cargo. Currently, the work schedule is 100 percent completed. More than thirty million dollars have already been invested in construction. Work is carried out around the clock.

When completed, the berth will be able to accept grain loading of Postpanamax vessels.

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