II UKRAINEpeople Media 2016 All-Ukrainian Project

             II UKRAINEpeople Media 2016 All-Ukrainian Project

On February 25, 2017, the II All-Ukrainian Project UKRAINEpeople Media 2016-2017 was held at the Grand Hotel Ukraine in the city of Dnipro.
Organizers of the project :
- Head of production studio "YES Production", organizer of the All-Ukrainian project UKRAINEpeople Media, organizer of the charitable project Farbishou;
Winner and winner of the Grand Prix of World Vocal Art Competitions; author and performer - Valeria Yurchenko

- Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity". President: Alexander Vladimirovich Petrovsky, Vice - President: Yana Ivanilova

- International School of Style and Makeup SLUTSKAYA MakeUp school. Anastasia Slutskaya - Champion of Ukraine. Winner of the European Championship of Makeup Art. Official representative of the world-famous French school Fleurimon-Paris

- TRIUMVIRAT International Non-Governmental Organization
The Chairperson: Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the IV and V convocation. The deputy of the Zaporozhye Regional Council of the seventh convocation - Yulia Kovalevskaya

- Children's Center of Various Art of BIS
Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Composer, Member of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council of the 5th and 6th convocation - Tatyana Grebenyuk

The "UKRAINE people Media" project is the first All-Ukrainian project in which beautiful girls of Ukraine who are not professionals in Fashion-Show activities take part.
Before the start of the gala evening, all the invited guests could get acquainted with the mini-photo exhibition of the participants, take photos, communicate in the Launge zone ...
Then a short video review was presented to everyone, consisting of the history of the UKRAINEpeople Media project and its current stage, development directions,
principles of work. The project originated in 2012. Earlier it was called "GIVE PAINT."
Since 2016, the project has become a charity and has been renamed "UKRAINEpeople Media".

Project organizer Valeria Yurchenko said:
"We are the only ones in Ukraine who work in this format. All participants are not just talented people, but those who pass our selection ...
We are engaged in art, culture, incl. development and support of winners of Ukrainian vocal and choreography festivals, models ...
Since 2016 we have been engaged in charity ...
Charity is a priority of our activities. This is supported by the International Solidarity Foundation of Alexander Petrovsky.
This year we will help children with severe skin diseases ...
In our project, all participants can reveal themselves at the highest level. We invited young, promising Ukrainian designers to the project,
where they can realize themselves in this field and represent our country already at the international level.
It is also a festival of art, vocals, choreography. The festival will be held in cities such as Dnieper, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kiev.
The best will be invited to the finals of UKRAINE people Media, which will be held in May 2017 in Kiev. "

Vice-President of the International Charitable Foundation Alexander Petrovsky "Solidarity" Jan Ivanilov said in an interview with Channel 9:
"This is a festival that brought together both benefactors, talented designers, and Ukrainian designers,
and artists, the whole creative part of our city ... We support this festival in the framework of charitable assistance to children suffering from skin diseases (a severe form of atopic dermatitis).
I hope that throughout this festival, which will take place in the cities of Ukraine, we will have partners and they will continue to solve this problem with children of this category of diseases together with us ... "

The organizers were awarded certificates for their help in carrying out this event. From the International Charity Fund
Alexander Petrovsky "Solidarity" words of gratitude and diploma were received by the Vice-President of the Yana Ivanilov Foundation .
Upon completion of the event, all contestants were presented with diplomas and valuable prizes, and the winners are awaiting the finals in Kiev.

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