Sheremet's murder was finally discussed

             Sheremet's murder was finally discussed

For a long time, the public has not heard any new information on the case of the famous journalist and presenter Paul Sheremet. However, to date, they have not sounded anyone who could be suspected of murder.

According to the Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Oleksandr Vakulenko, Ukrainian law enforcement officers have appealed to 14 countries to help investigate this mysterious case. Vakulenko assured that now the Ministry of Internal Affairs is waiting for the important information that can be provided by foreign law enforcement agencies, which can lead to the right way.

However, the deputy head of the National Police did not provide more accurate information regarding the person who was interested in the investigation or alleged involvement. Like, he has no right.

He only stated that US Federal Intelligence experts were involved in the investigation. They investigated certain objects related to the explosive, which was attached to the car of the deceased's civilian wife, and carried out the necessary additional expertise. Mr Vakulenko stresses that the conclusions of the examination allowed the investigation to move on.

As for the persons who may be involved in the murder of Pavel Sheremet, Vakulenko declined to reveal their names, but stressed that the investigation had information regarding the customers and executors of the case.

Finally, one of the versions being investigated is the Kremlin order. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has informed such information. He also stressed that the killing was custom-made.

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