The Day of Native Language Day was held in Dnipro. Exit the USSR - the right to their native language »

             The Day of Native Language Day was held in Dnipro. Exit the USSR - the right to their native language »

On April 20, 2018 in Dnipro, the Georgian organization Kartuli - Suli - Georgian Soul, with the support of the International Solidarity Foundation, held a conference "Mother Language Day". Exit the USSR - the right to one's mother tongue ", which was dedicated to the Mother Language Day in Georgia. The main guest of the event was writer, screenwriter, playwright and highly respected person in Georgia - Dato Turashvili. He specifically came to this event to prove to the communities of Georgia and Ukraine the importance of the right to their mother tongue.

Many representatives of the Dnieper community, the Georgian diaspora, representatives of the Dniprovsk Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate led by Archpriest Vitaly Lopushansky, cultural and art figures and many other Dnipro people attended the conference. At the conference, Dato Turashvili spent time in the company of original and unique people and communicated with the public. Also, Dato Turashvili presented his book, entitled "Generation Jeans. Escape from the USSR ", which tells the true story of the events of 1983, when 7 young people decided to leave" a vast country of their own home ... from the southern mountains to the North Seas, where a person always has the right and breathes so freely. "

“The purpose and idea of the events is always one - to glorify your love for the mother tongue, which in Georgia is, has been and always will be. But the topics are different. This year, we felt a very strong, unbridled desire to bring everyone together and to discuss together a topic that would be common to both Georgia and Ukraine. Exit the USSR - the right to their native language. We want to remember the events in the USSR, for many of us they have become pivotal, momentous. It will not be a way back in the past, this meeting will be an attempt and an act that will accelerate our movement forward, ”said event director Tatiana Baramidze.

“For Georgia, homeland, language and religion are the main roots that underpin it. In 1978, an attempt by the Soviet authorities to amend the constitution of the Soviet republic, depriving Georgia of its status as a state, led to numerous demonstrations in Tbilisi. People were opposed, and in the first communist regime they were met. We do not have similar holidays dedicated to Language Day in Georgia for the first year. Today, as never before, the topic is relevant to both Georgia and Ukraine. That is why at the event we wanted to share some of our warmth with the guests and discuss all the more pressing topics of our countries, ”said Lali Gerzmava, Vice President of Kartuli Sully - Georgian Soul.

And the president of the NGO "Souli Kartuli - Georgian Soul" Georgy Adamadze spoke a little about the organization itself "Souli Kartuli - Georgian Soul".
“Our organization was established in 2015. Its goal is to teach Georgians living in the Dnieper what is their motherland and their mother tongue. In Dnipro we already have a Sunday school where our children study. Now we want to have a church.

Ukrainians are very close to us in spirit. We live in this country, we love it and we are very glad that in our desire to spread Georgian culture in the territory of Ukraine we see people of all nationalities and ages, ”said Georgy Adamadze
The Kartuli Suli - Georgian Soul NGO is very pleased and grateful to all those who were involved in organizing and hosting the long-awaited event, meeting public figure, writer, screenwriter, playwright Dato Turashvili.

Kartuli Suli - Georgian Soul thanks for the warm, friendly relations and many years of support to the International Solidarity Foundation and personally to its President Alexander Petrovsky and Vice-President Ivanilova Yana Yurievna.

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