Lviv militiamen detained a group of oil thieves

             Lviv militiamen detained a group of oil thieves

There was a group in the territory of Rivne region. It consisted of 8 people. The detainees were detained by employees of the Department of Economic Protection in Lviv Oblast, fighters from the special police unit of the National Police of Ukraine and employees of the military prosecutor's office of the Western region of Ukraine.
UZE operatives in the Lviv region DZE National Police found that a group of oil hijackers is operating in the territory of the neighboring region.
Investigators of the military prosecutor's office of the Lviv garrison of the Western region opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 364 (Abuse of Power or Office) and Part 3 of Article 185 (Theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
The group consisted of 8 people. In particular, residents of Poltava and Lviv regions, as well as the former head of the criminal investigation department of one of the regional departments of Rivne region. 31-year-old resident of Poltava region organized her activity.
It was found that members of a criminal group near the village. Ivanivka of Rivne region, made illegal connection to the main oil pipeline. There was an underground storage base nearby. In order to connect the pipeline to the base at a depth of 0.5 meters, a 4 km long branch was laid. Trucks drove into the hangar and filled with petroleum products.
8 members of the group were detained by operatives of the Department of Economy Protection in the Lviv region of the SEP National Police, investigators of the military prosecutor's office of the Western region with the involvement of fighters of the special police force.
During the detention, the organizer tried to escape from the police, but the special forces blocked his car.
Also, two trucks were found, one of which had already filled 16 tonnes of oil products into the compartments and the other had filled a specially built 2 tonne tank.
In the village. Mills of Rivne region had a base where the stolen oil was stored. A truck with 16 tons of oil was also found inside her room.
Law enforcement officers seized about 34 tonnes of petroleum products stolen from an oil pipeline.
Currently, the sales network of stolen petroleum products, other storage sites of stolen petroleum products, and sales are being established. In addition, persons are identified who may be members of the group and have been involved in the commission of this criminal offense.

The National Police of Ukraine reports

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