The Svyatoshinsky court has released new evidence in the case of ex-Berkutsk

             The Svyatoshinsky court has released new evidence in the case of ex-Berkutsk

At a regular meeting of the Svyatoshinsky District Court, the Kyiv City District Court indicted another former law enforcement officer suspected of shooting Maidan activists. The court also announced the results of a forensic investigation into the episode with the dead Varanitsa area. According to the examination, the man was killed by the weapon of an ex-Berkut. The latter was wanted by the court. However, the name of the ex-law enforcement officer is not called. Like, he is currently hiding and disclosing information may scare him.

The defendants' lawyers insisted that the activists had an aggressive appearance and threatened ex-Berkutians in every possible way. Therefore, the latter were forced to defend themselves, but they did so reluctantly, supposedly, only to protect themselves. Instead, Judge Sergiy Dyachuk demonstrated a photo that clearly showed squadrons hiding from law enforcement officers behind a tree. In addition, the photo also clearly shows that one of the men is already dead. According to the court, the image clearly demonstrates the absence of any threat from the activists.

The next hearing is adjourned to January 24, 2017.

It should be reminded that in February 2016, three ex-Berkutov were involved in the murder of 39 Maidan activists, obstruction of peaceful rallies and a terrorist attack: Sergiy Tamtur, Alexander Marinchenko and Oleg Yanishevsky.

Finally, we add that the defendants were interested in the so-called DPR representatives. According to Savchenko's lists of hostages exchanged among the prisoners wanted by the terrorists, the names of the former Berkut's are listed.

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