"Number 1 train" should go to Europe

             "Number 1 train" should go to Europe

Several more new trains to European cities are planned to be launched in 2017.

“A new direction for Poland is currently under consideration. In addition, we want to launch the Mukacheve-Budapest route this year. This is also a potentially very interesting area. We are considering a destination for Slovakia. In recent decades, it has happened that Train No. 1 has been to Moscow, but must be to Europe. And we are fighting for it, ”the Minister stressed.

At the same time, Volodymyr Omelian once again emphasized his dissatisfaction with the work of the management: “I expected a much better result. I will make my proposals, of course, I will voice a vision, but since we have a railway management body it is the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, accordingly, the decision will be made by the Government. I hope that the opinion of the profile Minister will be heard with due attention. "

According to the Minister, today it is necessary to prepare an anti-crisis plan of action on the reform of Ukrzaliznytsya: “We pay attention to the management of Ukrzaliznytsia on the problems that are there. To some we get a response, to some a silence prevails, which is absolutely unacceptable. I hope that we will still conduct a detailed analysis of the flights: what is happening and what has happened since the arrival of the new team - from May 2016. I would like this professional discussion to take place in January. It is impossible to delay further. An appropriate anti-crisis plan of action will then be worked out, which must be essential in order not only for the politicians, not only the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to understand that reforms are underway, but also for citizens who use passenger services and the business that uses freight. Ukrzaliznytsia has experienced real changes that are comfortable, of good quality and have a transparent reasonable price. ”

“Reforming any railway is a long process. For example, Deutsche Bahn has been going this route for 5-7 years. There are things that can be done quickly in Ukraine - it is about transparency, anti-corruption, updating of certain types of rolling stock, but there are longer things. We do have some stalling at the moment to reform Ukrzaliznytsia, although the start was very good. We have created a new legal entity, we have registered a Public Joint Stock Company, which foresaw the transformation of the traditional Soviet model of governing such a huge enterprise into a European one. A vertical holding company should be set up with clear management, distribution of powers, independent management and the creation of a Supervisory Board. Unfortunately, we only made a legal entity and appointed, as we hoped, an independent management, ”Vladimir Omelyan notes.

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