In Sumy region a large batch of ammunition was withdrawn from circulation

             In Sumy region a large batch of ammunition was withdrawn from circulation

Six grenades, more than a thousand 7.62mm and 9mm rounds of ammunition were recovered and seized by Shostka militiamen during an authorized search in an apartment and in a private household in a district center. The owner of the discovered "arsenal", a 24-year-old serviceman of one of the local military units, tried to make money by selling ammunition, but his plans were prevented by law enforcement.

Shostka police became aware that one of the servicemen was trying to sell a large batch of ammunition. Law enforcement officers immediately visited the 24-year-old young man at the place of residence.

During a search warrant for an apartment he and his colleagues rented, police found and seized 2 grenades. However, according to the operative data of law enforcement officers of the forbidden goods was much more. Therefore, the search was carried out at the place of residence of another suspect's friend.

"In the basement of a private household, our staff found a bag and a backpack that was full of ammunition," said Victor Husey, Chief of the Shostka Police Department. "The homeowner assured that he did not suspect the contents of the bags left by his colleague."

During a conversation with the suspect, law enforcement officers found out: the man used his official position to steal ammunition from a military unit with a view to their further sale. He justifies his act by the material difficulties that have arisen in his family.
Removed for examination. On this fact criminal proceedings were opened on the grounds of Part 1 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Illegal Handling of Weapons, Ammunition or Explosives". The sanction of this article provides for imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

The National Police of Ukraine reports

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