In Odessa, the cause of the explosion is being determined

             In Odessa, the cause of the explosion is being determined

On January 8, at 00.55, a message was received from the operator 102 that an explosion had occurred in the private house in the Kiev district of Odessa in the private house, the house was on fire.

An investigative task force, experts, cynologists and DSSN workers left the scene. After the liquidation of the fire, two male bodies were discovered - a 67-year-old homeowner and an apartment occupant of an ATO, a citizen of one of the neighboring states. According to the expert's preliminary opinion, the fire safety requirements were violated in the house, in connection with which a gas leak arose, the gas boiler exploded and the building collapsed. As a result, two people were incompatible with life.

A 90-year-old housewife was also delivered to one of Odessa's medical institutions with a diagnosis of a shin fracture, chest slaughter and poisoning by burning products. Preliminary legal qualification of the event - Part 2 p.270 (Violation of fire safety requirements established by law) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Work on cleaning the house was carried out by forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, employees of the SES. During these, it was found that the features of the explosion - the appearance of its epicenter and some characteristics indicate that it was likely not to be caused by the leakage of gas, but by the use of explosives.

Work on the demolition of the destroyed building is ongoing at the site of the demolished building, there is an investigation team, explosives, cynologists, SBU staff, specialists of the SES. All circumstances are established, the issue of entering information about this event in the ERDF under Art. 194 Part 2. Criminal Code of Ukraine (Deliberate destruction or damage to property). The investigation is ongoing.

The National Police of Ukraine reports

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