A police station has opened in frontline Novolugansk

             A police station has opened in frontline Novolugansk

The village, which until recently was a "gray area", is being restored to law and order. Police will be constantly employed here to assist 3330 locals and 700 displaced persons. The detachment of militiamen carrying the service 500 meters from positions of terrorists, was instructed by the head of the police of Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin.

From Novolugansky to occupied Gorlovka - 20 km, but the territories controlled by the militants are much closer, at the entrance to the village there is a "zero checkpoint DNR". The outskirts of the village are mutilated by shelling, along the road are trees cut by shells. One week before the New Year, militants targeted the local agricultural sector, which provides a third of the population with jobs.

One of the problems of the "gray area" was that the police were not able to stay in the village permanently. Today the police chief of the Donetsk region is sent here. It includes experienced Bakhmut police officers, special forces fighters and added forces. They will ensure the safety of the people and provide any assistance on site.

The police station is located in the village council building. There is everything you need to do around the clock.

The general held a meeting at the police station with the commanders of the Dnipro-1 and Donbass subdivisions, who also serve here, and assigned priority tasks to the soldiers of the police detachment.

The National Police of Ukraine reports

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