The heating network in Odessa was repaired and the heat supply was restored

             The heating network in Odessa was repaired and the heat supply was restored

The highway in the Primorsky district in Odessa has been restored. Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Gennady Zubko wrote on his Facebook page.
«The disaster recovery works were completed on the main network of the Primorsky district of Odessa. District heating and two social facilities have been restored. I thank the repair crews who worked 20 hours and throughout the night to the management of the SES, which provided the deployment of heating points for the repair crews, and the additional electrical appliances of the residents of the homes. Special thanks to the first deputy mayor of Odessa Anatoly Orlovsky! ”, - Gennady Zubko wrote.
Recall that yesterday at 1 pm 15 min. in Primorsky district of Odessa there was a breakthrough of pipes of a heat main with a diameter of 300 mm. As a result, 35 homes, 2 medical facilities (a military hospital and a regional TB dispensary) were left without heat supply. 3 emergency crews were involved in eliminating the impulse.
«On the morning of January 8, there are no traffic jams due to the complication of weather conditions in the country. Cars and buses, which were in a traffic jam on the section of Krynichka - Kholmsk, Odessa region were unblocked, their drivers and passengers were placed in a kindergarten with. Krynichki - 50 people., In the school of the village. Krynichki - 20 people. At the school of the village. Kholmsk - 90 people. To the point of heating in the village. On the evening of January 7, a column of 3 vehicles (KRAZ - Border Service; mobile heating point on the basis of GAZ-66 with field kitchen - DSNS; and GAZ-66 car - oblenergo) arrived on the evening of January 7. Delivered 200 people food, warm stuff and PMM for vehicles.
13 traffic jams in 7 districts of the region were eliminated, of which 262 cars and 5 buses were released. The traffic jams in the Odessa region involved 319 units. those. and 350 people.
There were no traffic jams in the rest of Ukraine. There are no people who received frostbite during congestion.
Transport restrictions were introduced in 5 regions (Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk).
The situation is under the control of the SESP, ”Gennady Zubko wrote.

According to the Press Service of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

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