The Ministry of Health warns the population against hypothermia

             The Ministry of Health warns the population against hypothermia

Due to the decrease in the daily temperature, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine appeals to the population to follow the advice of physicians how to avoid the harmful effects of low temperatures on the body.
You can suffer from hypothermia even at high temperatures. In particular, weather conditions below +7 ° C are already considered to be likely to cause health problems.

Cold has a detrimental effect on the small blood vessels of a person. What happens to human organs and tissues next? The vessels in the limbs instinctively narrow to keep warm. Due to this, the blood flow to the internal organs increases and maintains the internal stable body temperature. This is why blood circulation in the extremities slows down. The first toes are freezing fingers and toes, as well as ears and nose - they are the least protected because they have a thin fat layer. First, the skin freezes and then the subcutaneous layer, blood vessels, muscles, nerves and even bones. And this does not require too low a temperature. The temperature at which you can cool down can even be high. When supercooled, body temperature drops to 35 ° C and below.


- Dress in layers: Wear multiple light jackets instead of one warm jacket. This will prevent sweating that is dangerous in the cold. If it gets hot, you can always remove one of the jackets. For the same reasons, clothes should be completely loose.

- Protect exposed skin. Remember to wear gloves and protect your nose and ears with a hat, scarf, and a collar.

- Take spare clothes if you plan to spend the whole day in the cold. Sometimes it is enough to change wet clothes to dry ones to avoid hypothermia.

- Don't go hungry for the cold. Be sure to eat well, something better than high calorie. Frozen - Eat something too.

- Come every half an hour to a warm room if you spend the whole day outside.

- If possible, bring a thermos with hot coffee, tea or soup.

- Work with your hands, move them to increase circulation in freezing vessels. Just move your toes. It is possible to jump from foot to foot - only not very vigorously, it can damage frozen tissues.

- Don't overdo it. A tired person is more likely to be overcooled. As a rule, when people feel that they are starting to freeze, they move very actively. But this is not entirely reasonable either, as energy is used up very quickly and forces need to be renewed. So move, but not too hard.

- Keep an eye on the weather forecast.

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