In the near future in 1000 may be a 1000 UAH bill

             In the near future in 1000 may be a 1000 UAH bill

Dmytro Sologub, who is the NBU's deputy chairman, has declared a high probability of a new banknote of 1,000 hryvnias in the near future.
However, Sologub confirmed the possibility of a shadow economy in Ukraine with the advent of a new bill, but despite this, the National Bank sees a great need for this innovation for the Ukrainian economy.
It is unknown at this time who exactly will be depicted on the new $ 1,000 bill. However, Gontareva's deputy hinted that soon the intrigue around this would subside. From this answer we can conclude that the appearance of a new bill is expected in Ukraine very soon.
It should be noted that the information on the appearance of the 1000-hryvnia bill, due to the increase in the minimum wage, has already appeared on the Internet, but there are no confirmations to this day. During one of the interviews with the head of the National Bank, Valery Gontareva, a question was already raised regarding the issue of a new bill, but no specific answer was given, except for denying the possibility of Panteleimon Kulish being depicted on it.

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