Ukraine will produce its own fuel at the Kremenchug Refinery

             Ukraine will produce its own fuel at the Kremenchug Refinery

The Kremenchug Oil Refinery will resume its work. Oil deliveries will be made from Azerbaijan in accordance with the agreements concluded in 2016.
Victor Babichenko, who holds the position of Deputy Head of PJSC “Ukrtatnafta”, stated that the resumption of the Kremenchuk oil refinery will reduce the cost of gasoline, achieve cheaper oil products by increasing their production, and also partially reduce the problem with jobs and pay . In addition, Babichenko noted that the availability of its own fuel will significantly reduce oil supplies to the aggressor country.
In December 2016, the first batch of Azerbaijani black gold was sent to Ukraine. At present, oil is being transported to an oil pipeline near Brody, since the route from Odessa to Kremenchug, where the Azerbaijani oil was planned to make the first move, was Urals oil from Russia.
The fact that Russia has for many years blocked the supply of oil to the Kremenchug refinery has become known.

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