Heavy frosts and snowstorms will hit Ukraine this Christmas

             Heavy frosts and snowstorms will hit Ukraine this Christmas

The Ukrhydromet Center announces a worsening of weather conditions throughout Ukraine on Christmas holidays. Snowstorms and fierce frosts will be observed in Ukraine as a result of the cyclone movement from the Black Sea.
On January 6 in all regions of Ukraine heavy snow is forecast with heavy winds and sharp decrease in air temperature. In the capital, the column of the thermometer will drop to the mark of 15-18 degrees frost, in other regions of Ukraine the temperature is expected to be 11-16 degrees below zero. In the Carpathians and the Carpathians, the air temperature drops to 20-25 degrees frost. Such weather is forecast to last in Ukraine until January 8.
Due to heavy snowfalls that have not stopped in Transcarpathia for several days, freight traffic is restricted. Rescuers continually pull cars out of the snow-covered roads, and also tow those vehicles that are unable to independently navigate the snow-covered route. To eliminate the effects of bad weather on the roads, special equipment was used in the number of 15 units, as well as fifty rescuers.
In addition, rescuers managed to quickly eliminate the effects of an avalanche near Hust, which blocked cars with people inside. Among the 11 people who were held hostage by the bad weather, none were injured.

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