On the way to Syria, a Russian military aircraft crashed

             On the way to Syria, a Russian military aircraft crashed

On December 25, 2016, at about six in the morning, the Tu-154 aircraft carrying 92 people, including: 8 crew members, servicemen, namely the Alexandrov Choir Choir headed by their dragoon, and representatives of the First TV Channel and Star Channel », Were killed in a plane crash. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Tu-154 headed to Syria to stage a holiday concert for the Russian military in honor of the New Year holidays. The vessel departed from the Chkalovsky airport and made a forced landing for refueling in Sochi at six in the morning. But within two minutes, the Tu-154 disappeared from the radar. Subsequently, rescuers recorded a wreckage of the aircraft at a depth of 70 meters for one and a half kilometers from the Black Sea coast. The Ministry of Defense reported that the Tu-154 crashed, neither the passengers nor the members managed to survive. All died on the spot.

According to the ministry, all the bodies of the dead will be transported to the Main State Center for Forensic and Forensic Expertise in Moscow. Relatives will also be invited to learn. However, search is still ongoing.

According to the Russian agency, the probable cause of the crash could be either a technical malfunction or a pilot error. As for the version of terrorist acts, Russian officials reject it. Like, airports are well guarded, and it was not enough time to bring explosives aboard an aircraft. The investigation is now questioning anyone involved in the departure and preparation of the Tu-154.

Ukrainian social network users are also actively discussing this topic. In their view, the plane crash in Russia is another punishment for the numerous killings in Syria and Ukraine. They say that in this way the Kremlin washes its crimes with blood.

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