Those who wanted to build a railway to the occupied Crimea were not found

             Those who wanted to build a railway to the occupied Crimea were not found

During the second tender for the construction of the railway, no enterprises took part in the Kerch Bridge. In this regard, it is quite possible to deviate from the planned date of delivery of the bridge, which is due in November 2019.
It should be noted that during the first stage of selection of the contractor, only one enterprise “Yakutia Railways” has applied for participation. However, due to lack of experience, the company was denied.
The third selection phase is scheduled for early next year. If the competition fails again, the Federal Railway Agency will have to amend the current project to ensure that the bridge is delivered within the specified time.
According to experts, the lack of applications from enterprises is due to the fact that the payment for the implementation of the project is too low, due to the complexity of the work and the ability to get to the list of Russian companies, which are sanctioned. Currently, the contract value is 16.9 billion rubles.
It should be reminded that the date of opening of the railway bridge across the Kerch Strait has already been postponed to a year in July this year. The total length of the connection will be 18 kilometers.

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