Failure to follow the "silent mode"

             Failure to follow the "silent mode"

Complying with the "silence regime" is one of the main tasks of the CCCC, says Major General Anatoliy Petrenko, the head of the CCCC's Ukrainian side. In 38% of the 100 ATO fighters managed to reach the fighters and agree on a ceasefire, in other cases - such requests were suppressed by shelling. According to Mr. Petrenko, during the December 18 and 22, about 80 cases of heavy-to-prohibited weapons fire and more than 2000 moments of use of mines and shells were recorded in the area of Svitlodar Arc, which remains the hottest point of the combat zone today.

The fiercest fighting occurred on December 23, the day when talks were reached on establishing a "silence mode". Then, 54 times, separatists fired at Ukrainian positions.

After the renegotiation of the ceasefire on December 24, fights began to occur less and less, but full silence has not yet been reached.

It should be reminded that on December 18, 2016, fighters launched heavy fighting with heavy equipment and artillery at the Svetlodar Arc. As a result, the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces managed to chase away the Russian-terrorist invasions for the "gray zone", which they illegally occupied. According to the anti-terrorist operation headquarters, 5 soldiers of the Armed Forces were killed in the course of the military operation, 6 were injured and one was captured. The enemy's losses amount to 30 people, about 20 suffered various injuries.

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