Kramatorsk police managed to save teenager from suicide

             Kramatorsk police managed to save teenager from suicide

Kramatorsk's law enforcement agencies identified a minor as belonging to a "suicidal community" on a social network, the victim of which recently became a 15-year-old resident of Mariupol. Thanks to the immediate reaction of police officers, the boy was able to save himself from the possible horrific consequences.
Regarding the teenager who followed the instructions from the Internet, the police conducted organized events and interviews. In addition, there was a conversation with the boy's mother.
Juvenile police officers are urging parents whose children are teenagers to monitor information and communities that their children spend a lot of time on. However, experts warn that, most often, the victims of dangerous communities are those children who lack attention and communication.
In the beginning of winter, a 15-year-old girl committed suicide in Mariupol, following instructions from a community on the Internet. As it became known later, before jumping out of the roof of the high-rise building, the girl performed other tasks of the quest - she lit her hands and stabbed the needles with the needles.

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