Trade unions were rallying in the capital

             Trade unions were rallying in the capital

Kyiv's government quarter was blocked for motor transport through a rally of trade unions, which, after a rally in the Independence Square, directed their move to the walls of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Among the demands put forward by the protesters are the reduction of housing and communal tariffs, decent social security for employees and the elimination of all arrears of wages. Activists voiced their demands directly to parliamentarians.

According to the head of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine Hryhoriy Osovy, there are currently no decent living conditions in the country: low salaries, high tariffs, poor security. All this directly influences the growing number of people leaving Ukraine for work or even permanent residence.

Nearly ten thousand protesters called on parliamentarians to pay attention to how ordinary people live and to understand that all problems are interconnected. "The decline in demographics, the rise in crime, the departure of Ukrainians abroad are different consequences for one reason," activists say.

According to the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, the number of rallies could be much higher, but many people were unable to come from the regions due to the fact that the action had been postponed several times. Generally, it was planned to be held in November, but the organizers decided to postpone the rally because of the troubled situation in the center of the country. However, neither this nor the possible unions are going to be canceled. According to Gregory Osovy, the situation is reminiscent of the preparation for the strike. People should be reminded of their daily rights by the authorities, so if they do, the Federation of Trade Unions is not going to go out of business.

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