MDA is not related to the destruction of MAFs

             MDA is not related to the destruction of MAFs

The Information Support Department of the Kyiv City State Administration presented a letter explaining the events at the Polytechnic Institute metro station, in Obolon and in the Desnyanskiy district, where unknown MAFs were destroyed by equipment unknown. In particular, the document states that neither the Department of Urban Improvement nor the Kyivblagustroy utility has dismantled the kiosks at the indicated addresses.

The history of the IAF broke out a few weeks ago, when the trade pavilions in the Svyatoshinsky district were first destroyed, and then several kiosks were destroyed at the Polytechnic Institute, Obolon and Desnyanskiy district. In all cases, the dismantling took place extremely radically and with the involvement of equipment, and at the Polytechnic during the demolition there was even a fight in which one of the owners of the outlet suffered.

Following these incidents, representatives of small businesses came out to protest the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, urging parliamentarians to pay attention to what is happening in the capital. According to the IAF owners, no warnings were given that their property would be dismantled, so they not only destroyed the buildings but also destroyed all the property that was in them. Businessmen were blamed for this directly by the mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko and his advisor Dmitry Belotserkovets. They demanded the promised programs of support for small business and termination of misconduct.

In response to the KSCA Office, the community has already responded, expressing its disbelief at the statement that the city authorities are not involved in the dismantling of the kiosks.

We will remind, earlier Dmitry Bilotserkovets also declared that the KSCA is not involved in destruction of MAFs, though noted that the destroyed outlets did not have the necessary permitting documentation.

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