Will they vote for visas with Russia?

             Will they vote for visas with Russia?
  • The issue of developing and adopting a visa regime with the Russian Federation remains open to Ukrainian politics. This was recalled by MP from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Vladimir Aryev. According to him, this is a necessary step that should be supported by Ukrainian politicians, however, the system itself needs to be developed very carefully and carefully so that after the visa regime with Russia does not cause any inconvenience for Ukrainian citizens crossing the border.

    At the same time, experts are of the opinion that it is precisely because of the large number of Ukrainians working in the Russian Federation that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not implement the visa regime. For example, political analyst Alexei Yakubin shared his vision of a situation in which the Foreign Ministry called statements without further implementation. According to him, visas will not be introduced not only because it will significantly complicate the life of ordinary Ukrainians, but also for the reason that the Russian Federation can use this step to its advantage.

    Thousands of people currently working in the Russian Federation may be unemployed and will be forced to return to Ukraine, which will increase the number of job seekers. This may exacerbate many of the social problems that Russia will use to its advantage.

    However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is still working on developing a visa regime, as reported by the head of the service Pavel Klimkin.

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