Museum of Science will be opened in Kiev

             Museum of Science will be opened in Kiev

In Kiev, they announced the opening of a science museum for children, which will create on the basis of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information. Examples of the new museum will be well-known European scientific and popular institutions.

Education Minister Lilia Grinevich announced a new project of the profile ministry: a science museum will be opened in the capital, based on the Kiev Institute of Scientific and Technical Information. Children will be the main audience for which the activity of the future museum is intended. According to the Minister, such an institution is very much needed in modern Ukraine.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Education, the Science Museum in Kiev will be created similar to the leading European museums, in particular, London and Warsaw.

The building where the newly opened museum, known to the people of Kiev as "the house with a plate" is located, is located in Libidska Square. This building is not currently operational, so it needs to be restored to its energy and heating systems.

The competition for the creation of a museum for future scientists and anyone interested in this field will soon be held by the State Property Fund, as evidenced by the relevant decree made by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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