Ukraine is able to end the war in the Donbass in a short time

             Ukraine is able to end the war in the Donbass in a short time

Such a statement was made by NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov. Ukraine is currently working to increase its military capabilities and improve the skills of its soldiers. Turchynov is convinced that there is enough force at the moment to clear the territory occupied east by the militants. However, there is an important nuance, the deputy emphasizes, the Kremlin can disguise Russian soldiers under civilians and increase its military force in uncontrolled territory to an unprecedented scale.
Mr Alexander says if a small group of people rose in the Donbas, the uprising could be suppressed for a maximum of a week. However, it is a powerful military resource on the part of Russia, which is actively fighting the Ukrainian people and in every way contributes to the separatists. In this regard, states Turchynov, the war in the east is a long and complicated process with a bunch of pitfalls.
According to Vladimir Kistion, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Donbass cannot be blocked in any way. Such a procedure will only exacerbate the conflict and lead to unpredictable consequences. The reason for this lies in the confidence of Ukrainians who have remained in temporarily uncontrolled territory, Mr Costion said. According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, maintaining a dialogue with the Donbas will allow them to see the level of consciousness of the Ukrainian authorities and the high and civilized level of the territory under control.
He is convinced that such a policy will raise confidence in the Donbas and lead to good results.
Finally, Volodymyr Kostion stated that Ukraine continues to buy top-grade coal produced in the Donbass, but sold by a company under the control of Ukraine.

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