The captive of fighters is added to one more Ukrainian serviceman

             The captive of fighters is added to one more Ukrainian serviceman

The event occurred during the fighting on the Svitlodar Arc. This information was provided to the press by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of the ATO Andrey Lysenko.

For the fourth consecutive day, the situation is still tense. On the line of collision, the separatists brought out a large number of armored vehicles, including tanks. According to People's Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk, the situation on the front line has intensified. For the past 24 hours, enemies have been actively firing at ATO positions, firing mortars and artillery. Heavy machinery moves under the guise of heavy shelling.

Also according to the People's Deputy, there were recorded intelligence groups in the area of Gurty-Logvinovo villages. They actively explored the forefront of Ukrainian positions and conducted their constant firing of small arms.

Recall, four days ago, the Russian mercenaries staged a real hell on the Svitlodar Arc. According to the anti-terrorist operation headquarters, the aggressors tried to bypass the forward position of the first battalion of the 54th Infantry Brigade from the flank. The fierce fighting lasted about two days, but it was not possible to break through to the enemy and occupy the new territory. As a result, Ukrainian forces took new strategic positions, pushing the enemy out of the "gray zone" that the latter had to liberate under the Minsk Agreements long before the fighting.

However, it was not possible to completely defeat the enemy. The tension in the area of Svitlodar arch continues today.

As a result of the fighting, according to official data, six Ukrainian fighters were killed, another 16 were injured. The enemy killed 20 separatists, 30 more - suffered injuries. According to volunteers, figures on both sides are much larger.

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