Karpiuk and Klich political prisoners may soon be exchanged

             Karpiuk and Klich political prisoners may soon be exchanged

If the President agrees to such an exchange, since there are many Ukrainian prisoners waiting for their return home, then Karpiuk and Klich will soon be able to return to their homeland. The opinion was expressed by the deputy of the radical party Andrey Lozovy. He stressed that 100 people's deputies have signed up for such an exchange today. In the near future they plan to contact the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and ask him to speed up the return of Klich and Karpyuk to Ukraine, and to despise the traitors of Alexander Odintsov and Maxim Baraminov to send our boys to the hands of those whose side they chose at one time. Andriy Lozovy is convinced that Karpiuk and Klich have suffered too much from Russian torturers in prison, so they must be exchanged first.

We will remind that on May 26 the Supreme Court of Chechnya in Grozny sentenced Klich and Karpyuk and sentenced the first defendant to 20 years in prison and the second defendant to 22 and a half years. In turn, the Memorial Human Rights Center called Stanislav and Nicholas political prisoners who were illegally taken to a foreign country and are being prosecuted against.

We add that the men are accused of fighting in 1994-1995 against Russian soldiers in Grozny as part of the military formation of the Self-proclaimed Republic of Ichkeria.

There is no credible information about Klich's detention. As for Karpyuk, according to his companions, he was abducted by Russian special forces in March 2014 and secretly transported to Russia. Mr. Karpyuk's wife, Helen, says she saw the man last when he went on a business trip to the Chernihiv region. After that, she no longer communicated with him.

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