The leader of Ukraine in influenza vaccination was Zaporozhye

             The leader of Ukraine in influenza vaccination was Zaporozhye

The best results in influenza vaccination have shown the Zaporizhzhya region - in the region more than 35 percent of adults and 80 percent of children are protected from dangerous disease due to vaccinations.

Zaporizhzhia and the region are leading in the field of influenza vaccination. The highest percentage of people in the region have been vaccinated with the disease, according to a special department of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In particular, according to the information provided by the Ukrainian Center for Control of Socially Dangerous Diseases, more than 35 percent of residents of Zaporizhzhia and the region have made flu shots, the highest in the country is also the percentage of vaccinations among children - this figure was 85 percent.

However, the region still has a very high rate of influenza incidence: according to official information, the epidemiological threshold is exceeded by 84%.

As a whole, according to the doctors, the epididymis is now very high in 17 regions of Ukraine, with the highest incidence rate in the capital. At present, 5 people have died from the flu in the country, three of them are children under 17.

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