What can Ukrainians expect from the State Budget approved on the eve?

             What can Ukrainians expect from the State Budget approved on the eve?

On the night of December 21, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the budget for 2017.
According to the approved state budget, as of January 1, the minimum wage will be doubled, and salaries for doctors, doctors and teachers will be increased. UAH 29.2 billion has been allocated for the repair of Ukrainian roads, and the agrarian industry will receive UAH 5.5 billion for payment of subsidy compensation of 1% of the production made over five years. For the purpose of aircraft development, the income tax for aircraft builders was abolished by 2025. The price of tobacco and alcoholic beverages, with the exception of natural wines, is on the rise.
Increased funding is expected in the areas of defense, agro-industry, education, culture and decentralization, infrastructure, social standards and diplomacy, as well as energy efficiency.
The draft budget is projected to generate revenue of UAH 721.4 billion over the next year and expenditures of UAH 790.4 billion.
In addition, the 2% fee on natural persons during the currency exchange was abolished and the Financial Police is expected to replace the tax police.
It should be noted that against the approved draft budget for 2017, Batkivshchyna, a large part of Self Help and Opposition Bloc, voted.

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