Unidentified tractors destroyed the MAFi in Obolon

             Unidentified tractors destroyed the MAFi in Obolon

On the night of Thursday, unknown persons, hiding their faces behind the balaclava, completely destroyed the MAFi on Obolon with the help of tractors.
According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened around 4 am. Outlets near the Obolon metro station were approached by unknown people in the balaclava and contacted nighttime traders asking them to leave MAFi immediately. When people were leaving the premises, strangers completely destroyed existing kiosks with the help of tractors. IAF owners are outraged by the illegal destruction of kiosks and claim they have all the necessary documents.
A few days earlier, a similar incident happened on the Yunost market. On December 8, unidentified balaclavas in the middle of the night destroyed 20 points of sale using a bulldozer. Eyewitnesses to the event stress that the kiosks were destroyed without their prior disconnection from communications.
However, the dismantling of outlets in the capital, in some cases, is carried out on a legal basis. Therefore, 4 MAFs were dismantled, which continued to sell alcoholic beverages at night, despite the ban of the Kyiv City Council. In addition, the advisor to the mayor of Kiev noted that anyone willing to control the work of the IAF.

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