Fighting women police officers in Zaporozhye

             Fighting women police officers in Zaporozhye

In Zaporizhzhya there was a fight between women police officers in the premises of the regional police department. The incident resulted in the hospitalization of a 28-year-old polysumer who spent 10 days in the hospital.
The reason for the fight, according to the victim in the conflict, was the fact that one police officer did not miss another one at the time of service. The verbal altercation has turned into a fierce fight just before the eyes of other police colleagues.
Angered by the lack of response and punishment of senior management, the victim Alina Kurilo decided to seek the truth in the prosecutor's office. After writing the relevant statement to the prosecutor's office, the incident became public.
The absence of any result of a background check was explained by Roman Pylypenko, who is the head of the patrol police in Zaporozhye. According to him, information about the incident was immediately transmitted to Kiev and a response is currently expected.
In addition, information emerged that the police officer accused of beating his colleague wanted to change his place of work and submitted a corresponding report for transfer to the Dnieper. Later, the report was rejected.
At present, no information has been provided by the party accused of the conflict. According to her, any comments are made exclusively by the spokeswoman.

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