The incidence rate in the capital exceeds the norm

             The incidence rate in the capital exceeds the norm

The epidemic threshold in Kyiv has been significantly exceeded in the last day - more than 35,000 people became ill with the flu and acute respiratory viral infections in the capital last week alone.

Last week, the number of residents of the capital suffering from influenza or SARS was more than 35,000 people, exceeding the established epidemic threshold. Of the total population with seasonal illnesses, 67 percent are children and adolescents. For this reason, 19 schools in Kiev were closed for quarantine.

There will be no temporary suspension of the educational establishments in the capital, as according to the decision of the city authorities of Kiev, the educational establishments have to decide for themselves the expediency of closure for quarantine. The main condition for closing a school should be an excess of sick children by 20 percent.

Despite the high incidence rate in Kyiv, city doctors say that the epidemic cannot be said yet, as this condition is characteristic of this season and does not constitute deviations from the norm.

Meanwhile, in Sumy, the incidence of influenza, especially among schoolchildren, is increasing - now the epidpores have been exceeded by half. More than 12,000 people became ill in the region a week. An epidemic has already been declared in the area.

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