Passengers cannot recover after traveling on Ukrzaliznytsya train

             Passengers cannot recover after traveling on Ukrzaliznytsya train

Incredible cold and snow waited for the passengers of the train connection Moscow-Odessa. In an effort to warm up, people wrap themselves in clothes and blankets.
After the trip, Ukrzaliznytsya trains share horrifying impressions about the passengers who almost froze in it. There was no heating in the train, and it blew out of the windows so that the snow from the street was inside the car. People approached the train and train supervisor, but they made it impossible to do something about the life of the wagons. There was also a request to move passengers from the cold wagon to any other place on the train, but the train's head ignored the request.
Subsequently, it turned out that such a train is not the only one. Passengers complain about lack of heating in several Ukrzaliznytsia trains. Lawyers recommend that people who find themselves in this situation must call the train manager, make a note in the complaint book, and later claim compensation from Ukrzaliznytsya.
Ukrzaliznytsia representatives say that those guilty of lack of heating in the Moscow-Odessa train are punished, while at the same time they apologize for the inconvenience.

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