Subway for Troyeshchyna and more

             Subway for Troyeshchyna and more

The Kyiv City State Administration estimated the cost of carrying out strategically promising transport projects of the capital. All information is provided in the Kyiv City Development Strategy for 2025. So, in the contents of the document, the name of the cost of laying the metro with the connection of Troyeshchyna to Vynohradar, as well as tram trains along the route Troyeshchyna - Karavayev dachas and high-speed trolleybus Troyeshchyna - Chokolivka.
Thus, experts have estimated the creation of the Podilsky-Vygurovskaya subway line in Kyiv at about UAH 31.5 billion. It is anticipated that the construction of this metro line will become part of an already functioning system. It will cross some lines and expand the system of interchanges for passengers. The new metro line will function for such residential areas as Troyeshchyna, Voskresenka and Rainbow. Their population is almost 350 thousand inhabitants. Among other things, this subway will improve the traffic situation in Kyiv in the city by changing the distribution of passenger flows and facilitating the load on other transport.

Construction of the Syretsko-Pechersk line of the Kiev subway to residential areas Vinogradar - Windmills will cost an estimated amount of UAH 24.6 billion. As a result, it is planned to improve the transport situation for residents of residential areas with a population of about 200 thousand people. It is also planned to spend about 15 billion UAH (14.959 billion) for the purchase of 709 cars for the operation of the Kiev subway, of which 276 - for the change of those cars that can no longer be in operation, 62 - for interruptions between the arrivals of trains on the Syretsko-Pechersk line. , as well as 371 cars for the introduction of newly built sections of subway sections to Troyeshchyna and Vynogradar.

The full version of "Kyiv City Development Strategy for 2025" can be found by anyone at the KSCA website.

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