Rescuing the child, a police officer opened fire on the dog

             Rescuing the child, a police officer opened fire on the dog

In Kharkiv, patrol police took emergency measures and a fire on a dog that threatened the life and health of a mother with a baby.
As it turned out later, two adult Alabai dogs escaped from the owner and were near the playground in the courtyard of the apartment building. Initially, this did not cause a negative reaction in the residents of the home until the dogs began to aggressively treat other local animals. Subsequently, the situation worsened when the dogs surrounded the playground with children. Local residents sought help from law enforcement. Attempts by law enforcement officers to push dogs were unsuccessful. Later, one of the dogs attacked a mother with a baby, forcing a police officer to open fire. After the shot, the other dog escaped.
The owner and zoo advocates condemn the actions of the law enforcement officer, believing that there are more humane methods of protection against the dog, such as a gas canister or a shot into the air. The owner of the Alabai does not believe in the manifestation of aggression of his dogs. He assured that dogs were very fond of children, were playful and well-groomed. However, dog breeders say that this breed of dog is intended for protection and therefore it is characterized by such trait as aggression.
Police in the incident did not see and believe that the police acted within the limits of the law, saving the life of the child.

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