Lutsenko said that changed in the Prosecutor General's Office

             Lutsenko said that changed in the Prosecutor General's Office

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko told the Ukrainians that in two and a half years, the structure of his office has really changed, how the reform is proceeding and what benefits this country has.

According to the prosecutor general, during the reform period the staff of the department was halved and the announced lustration was almost completed. Due to this, the GPU has reduced its budget expenditures, while improving its performance. According to Yuriy Lutsenko, this year alone the court made almost seventy thousand decisions, which resulted in the return of UAH 9 billion to the treasury of Ukraine; another six billion will go into the budget soon.

Among the actual achievements of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko calls for the return of a large number of land plots that were illegally sold during the past power, the preservation of fifteen thousand hectares of forest, and the return of several hundred objects back to communal property.

We will remind, now one of the most important cases facing the GPU is the investigation of crimes on the Maidan and the prosecution of law enforcement officers and officials of the time of Yanukovych involved in the power crackdown. However, the public sharply criticizes the Office of the Prosecutor General and accuses the Office of biased casework and deliberately delaying investigations.

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