Strengthening relations between Ukraine and Poland

             Strengthening relations between Ukraine and Poland

During his official visit to Poland, Petro Poroshenko met with the country's top leadership and achieved cooperation in the defense field.
The Polish president expressed support for Ukraine in the war for sovereignty and agreed to cooperate in defense. Andrzej Duda added that the priority for the whole world is to return to Russia the territories occupied by Russia. According to the top leadership of Poland, the occupation of the territory of Ukraine occurred with an unacceptable violation of international law and to date remains unknown.
As a result of the visit to Warsaw, a general international agreement was signed and cooperation was established in the fields of defense policy and planning, military infrastructure, development and production of defense equipment, logistic support of the defense industry and others.
Petro Poroshenko expressed great gratitude to the leadership of Poland, and called the newly created agreement an exemplary example of international cooperation.

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