The new metropolitan bus station is almost ready

             The new metropolitan bus station is almost ready

In the near future a new bus station "Teremki", located on the outskirts of the capital, on the Ring Road, will start its work in Kiev. The press service of the Department of Transport Infrastructure said that in the near future may be a grand opening of the bus station.

Kiev will soon be able to evaluate the new bus station "Teremki", which is almost finished. The bus station is located on the outskirts of the city in the Odessa direction, near the terminal station "Teremki". Its main feature is that all financing was taken over by a private investor. Thus, this object will become the first private object of its kind.

The final opening date for the bus station is not yet available, but the relevant department of transport infrastructure reports that this will be in the coming weeks. So far, the city authorities have not confirmed information about the specific dates of opening of the bus station.

Preliminary forecasts are being made for the Teremki bus station to become the most modern in the capital thanks to the use of innovative technologies and the participation of international experts. In the building of the bus station promise to equip a hotel, mother and child's room, shops and cafes. Another important point is the adaptability of the bus station building and its infrastructure for people with disabilities.

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