Missile tests in Kherson were successful

             Missile tests in Kherson were successful

Turchinov announced the successful conduct of the first day of rocket exercises, despite all threats to Russia to use weapons in response to the intersection of airspace over Crimea. During the tests, the military managed to achieve all the planned goals, without any changes in the approved plan. Turchinov added that the tests are conducted in accordance with international law.
In addition, the NSDC secretary assured that no Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile can get closer than 100 kilometers to the Crimean peninsula. Consequently, training began as planned, despite reports of threats from Russia.
We will remind, earlier the Ministry of Defense of Russia in the official letter reported that it will shoot down all rockets which will cross the air space of Crimea, as they consider that the training data is dangerous. A little later it became known about the import of powerful missiles into the Crimea.
Petro Poroshenko, in response to Russia's hysteria, stated that rocket training would take place at exactly the scheduled time, namely December 1 and 2, and the Russian Federation would not be able to influence it.

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